Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting tired.....

Well, after being so talkative yesterday and seeming better, Zach was worse again today.  His fever spiked back up to 104.6F and all he wanted to do was sleep and cuddle.  Both are extremely rare for him.  After finding his temp that high I called his doctor.  I gave him a dose of Motrin and brought him right in.  His doc says that it's a throat infection.  Now, with migraine number like 6 this week, I wasn't thinking very clearly.  I was still so sure it was the flu.  But thinking back, I remember a time when I had strep worse than I'd ever had it before and I was soooooo sick.  All I wanted to do was sleep.  I didn't want to talk, move, or think.  I just wanted my own bed and to be as comfortable as possible.  So, I guess it makes sense.  It didn't at first, but ok...
Everything else is mostly decent atm.  I'm just getting tired in that way that you get when everything hits you at once and just keeps coming with no break in sight.  I had one awesome year.  Usually the trend is 3 really bad ones, then a good one.  If that trend continues I'd like to go into hibernation.  Sometimes I envy the drug addicts.  I would never do what they do, or even drink like many, but it's sure fun to think about.  Caffeine & chocolate are as strong as I get, though.   :)  Someone has to be coherent!
Well, one more not-so-awesome note...   Kevin got denied for unemployment.  We knew that he would because they deny everyone at first.  It's funny because they show that no unemployment wages are listed for 2 of the 4 quarters that they look at.  He had been with his previous company full-time for 13 years!!!   I guess they'll put anything down to make it more difficult.  Great, thanx!  It is what it is.  We'll make due.  For the most part things are still good.  Frustrating a bit, but good.  Tomorrow may not be so good if I don't get to bed, though, so off I go!  Night, ya'll!  :)

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