Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fast update

Well, after a worrisome couple of days Zachary is finally feeling better.  I usually use the forehead probe to gauge temp, and last night that read 104.6F!!!  I tried again with a different thermometer and it went down to 103.7F.  Still not the best, but better.  He just gets high fevers for things, so I don't worry as much with him with a temp like that.  Emily.... heck yes!!!  But Zach, I know what to watch for.  I knew he didn't have meningitis, it seems to be just a stomach flu.  I toyed briefly with the idea of H1N1 revisited but he has no cough, so unless it's a new strain probably not to be.  In any case, through alternating between Motrin & Tylenol with a cold cloth thrown in and plenty of fluids he's back to being loud with non-stop chatter, so I'm pretty sure he's going to live.  He's playing the Wii, jumping around and loudly narrating the entire event, so I'm sure all is well.  Emmy seems ok, & with the exception of being tired Kevin & I seem to be ok, too.  Ash has mostly been either out or in her room avoiding him, so she'll be ok.  :p  I'll update if anything changes but atm all is well!

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