Thursday, July 29, 2010

what an amazing day!

what a weird yet fantastic day! i had a wasp fly out at me from my gas tank cover, almost got run into poles on the way to the airport. we met a very nice man that helped ua along a bit since i had 2 large carry-on bags & i was pushing the wheelchair. we had mad turbulence (i hate flying) and a crazy car ride to the hotel. i was able to get a mini tour of the city. it's sooo beautiful here! but getting to the conference has already been amazing! we got here, checked- in, registered for the conference, and finally had the chance to look around. i spoke with the orencia reps & found out there are no side effects at all & no warnings. they answered quite a few of my questions. tomorrow i will be taking advantage of the "ask a rheumy" booth. i'd like some other opinions on her raynaud's & how controlled her arthritis is right now. i was able to speak with a teen that's had ja for years, & i finally found another parent that has a child with raynaud's!!! you have no idea how wonderful that was!

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