Saturday, July 17, 2010

Delightfully quiet

For once I wanted to log in to say that there's nothing going on!  We are really just biding our time until the conference at this point.  The only thing to note as of this second is that I can clearly see the effects of not using the Methotrexate since it's been two doses now since she was pulled off of it.  After the whole three doses of injectable that she had, I had noted that her arms were softening up and it was easier to give her injections.  We are back to the hardening of the skin that makes it more difficult to inject.  Since it's only been two injections, I'm wondering how bad it will be when we go back to Dr. N in September.  I really don't like her being off of the MTX.  I realize that we can't keep her ANC so low all of the time, and since it kept dropping with every shot I know it was for the best.  But still...
Otherwise, her joints seem to be behaving for now, no funky spots appearing.  Her Raynaud's hasn't acted up since she's been home.  At the risk of jinxing us, she hasn't even been sick lately.  It's been pretty quiet!  Day by day we take it, while praying for the best.  And on that note it is bedtime.  I am up wayyyyy too late.  Good night!

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