Monday, May 10, 2010

PT Eval today

Today was Emily's physical therapy eval for her new therapist.  It didn't really bring any new insights but it does provide the new PT with a plan of action once reviewed.  The curve in Em's back is still mostly absent, there is not much curve to her arches, either.  Her knee range of motion is just sad.  Her ligaments back behind the knee are very, very tight, giving her knee range 50 degrees and 52 degrees when they should be around 90.  If I remember from last time they were around 42, so there has been some improvement.  Her neck is still stiff as well as shoulders, but she isn't quite so tight like she used to be.  The goal will most likely once again be to help her admit when she's in pain, admit when she can't do something, and help her to learn how to manage, cope & do.  Since she's been feeling better I want to try to be more aggressive this time.  I just wish that a PT would have been available before she started to flare.  Her wrist is still very tender today.  The therapist thinks that she probably bruised the bone.  Her knees were pretty puffy, too.  But I see improvement and hope. 

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