Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

A day to be looked forward to, and yet I find myself a wreck today. I've been pondering taking Emily to the hospital all day.  She's not holding the wrist to her, trying to immobilize it, and she can move it, so I'm pretty sure it's not broken.  I'd say 98% sure.  However, it sucks to see her in pain.  And she's been whining about it all day.  I would be too, but it breaks my heart.  At around 2 A.M. when I was winding down to go to bed anyway, we had 2 back-to-back power surges.  The second came as my computer was *almost* back up.  When it tried to restart for the third time it came up with critical errors.  Thank God Kevin was home today, and could fix it better than any over-priced Geek Squad dude any time.  He dedicated the morning to fixing it, and then made us breakfast.  Next, he's taking the kids to Publix because they were *supposed to* decorate cakes after school while in the after school program for Mother's Day.  We paid for each child to do it, sent in permission slips, etc.  Well, (because everything else has gone wrong this week so why not?)  I realized this morning that they did not have those cakes.  Usually I wouldn't worry about being out $12, but God only knows how long Kevin will be out of work, so got a little pi$$ed off about that.  Emily later showed me a note saying they were unable to do them at school but they could go to Publix with the note and get their cakes.  I wouldn't have agreed to do them if I knew we had to go there for whatever reason.Thankfully these are little things that are very trivial.  I know that by the end of the day this will all be very funny.  Off to go try to enjoy the day! 

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