Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A lot can happen in a day

Hello, friends.  It has been a crazy week already. 
So, Kevin texted me yesterday as I pulled into the driveway 3 little words.  "Just got fired".  Thank God I knew it was coming, and crazily enough had even prayed for it.  He has been so depressed there, has hated it so much.  I prayed and prayed for his situation to change, and so it has.  Last night we were almost euphoric about it.  Today... not as much.  Worried more than anything, but I have learned to Let Go, Let God.  We'll be ok.

About an hour after he got home I checked my email to find that Emily was accepted into arthritis camp!  That in itself is a blessing.  It's not like she could go to a regular sleep over camp.  She can't give herself injections yet, and I'm not sure that people that don't deal with her conditions daily would know what to do.  Today she asked me if her tongue was white.  I told her yes, it did look white to me;  why?  She said it's cold.  Her tongue!!!  That disturbs me deeply.  That really shook me up.  When I picked her up today she said that her legs were cold and felt the way her hands do before they start turning purple.  Seriously???  Come on.  Why does she have to suffer so much?  Raynaud's in most cases is only supposed to affect the hands and feet, and sometimes nose and ears.  Wth?  Why does all of this crap have to happen to her?  And she's so sweet about it, such a good girl.  She's so adult- like.  She's had a lot happen to mature her.  That's just sad.

And on another happier note, Ashley had asked to re-audition for her talent show, so they said that she could come today.  She got in!  She changed her song, and  apparently that's all she needed.  She has a beautiful opera voice, which is funny for age 15.  Funny mostly because she really appreciates and enjoys opera and classical music.  How awesome is that??? 

And Zachary... he's doing better now, but his psoriasis is really bad on his scalp again.  I used his prescription oil tonight, so hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow.  It's amazing how many scales can be produced in such a short time.  So, that's a fast 24 hour update.  :p  Crazy stuff.  Think I have to crash now.  Ya'll have a great night!

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