Monday, May 3, 2010

Doctor visit

What a strange day.  I took Emily to visit her pediatrician today.  I was fully expecting the antibiotic routine.  Instead I got kind of a confused look.  Yes, there's still sinus drainage but no infection that can be seen.  I explained that she had labs drawn today, and that I asked the lab techs if we could add the ESR test.  That is Erythrocyte Sediment Rate, and tells of inflammation in the body.  I wish that her rheumatologist would have ordered that as a standing order around her CBC & CMP.  Her pedi started looking at her knees and hands and realized how swollen they are.  I can't tell swelling unless I see something totally different.  For instance, her knuckles will go white when her hand makes a fist and she's very swollen.  Then I can tell.  I had suspected that she was having a harder than normal week, but now here was my proof. Even upping her Enbrel for the last 3 doses hadn't really changed anything.  She is still flaring considerably.  She's not as bad as 2 weeks ago, but she isn't going to be running any marathons or anything.  So, her pedi said that she could call the lab and add the ESR, but she also added the C-Reactive Protein, which is another indicator of inflammation.  Now we wait and see.  I doubt we'll hear anything before her appointment on the 17th, but we'll see.  Peace out for now :)      

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