Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Question and quick follow up from before we left the hospital

Well, the iron counts came back for Emily and they did show that she is anemic.  I had to laugh a bit.  Of course, iron causes constipation.  Antibiotic use can cause a little problem called C-dyphicile that causes chronic diarreah.  Hey, we just fixed a problem!  I've been giving her probiotics because of the antibiotics.  Guess we can eliminate that now.  He wants her to drink or eat one citrus product a day, and increase her water and fruit intake.  It's so hard getting her to eat anything other than what she is stuck on.  They are supposed to call me when the results of the urine culture come back.  Also, this coming Monday we head back up by the hospital to go see their ENT.  We're hoping that this ENT will help along the process instead of making it more difficult. 

We are talking more seriously about the homeschooling, discussing what will be expected of them, how I suspect this is going to work.  I have sent in the papers already.  The kids have taken most of their placement tests.  They did about 90% of it over the weekend.  They wanted to take them to the hospital with us but I didn't want them to get lost.  Hopefully they will finish them this week and I can fax them off.  I know that it's going to be a lot of work, but it does sound like a lot of fun, too.  I think that we'll do really well.  It is a little scary, but we need to do it.    The biggest obstacle right now is waiting for people to be hired in at work so that I can drop my hours.  It figures that we have a bunch of people leave now when we've had the same people forever!

Has anyone reading used a home school program?   Here is my biggest worry-  I am starting my own online courses in about 2 weeks.  I will still have to work weekends.  Am I taking on too much?  I fully realize that I will be spending a LOT of time looking over their shoulders and helping them along.  I don't want to overdo it, but I really want to get my schooling underway.  Advice would be greatly appreciated!

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