Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh, sinuses!

 Before I had chronically ill children, a sinus infection in one of the kids was like a major catastrophe.  I can honestly say that today it's just another "little" thing.  Wednesday after school Emily announced that she was stuffy again.  It was a whole 3 days off of antibiotics, I think.  We can't seem to get past that point.  She was started on Augmentin in late-November for the first sinus infection.   We tried Omnicef the first week of December, then Clindamycin, then another round of Augmentin. 

As our pediatrician said today, "It would be foolish to keep trying round after round of the same antibiotics, hoping that they'll work.  Obviously, she needs something more.  I would like her to have her sinuses swabbed.    I believe that she needs IV antibiotics, and a swab will help us to determine which will be best."  She was preaching to the choir there!  I said that at our last appointment, but to the other doctor.  So, I spent the day making phone calls about insurance, working on getting CT films, and contacting our ENT.  We are very familiar with our Otolaryngologist.  He placed Gir's tubes, and removed her adenoids and Emily's.  We are set to see them on January 25th. 

I also found out today that somehow Zachary's insurance info and note that I brought to the hospital to pass on to our rheumy's got "lost".  His insurance info was never updated, and a new prior authorization not yet started for his Enbrel.  That's ok.  I love them, accidents happen, we move on.  I called today and spoke to someone about it, and also found out that Emily's infusion room appointment isn't written in.  Hmmm.  Now, I know I made the appointment.  I made it when I made Zach's appointment to see the doc.  They were for 2 different times.  I have it written down.  Somehow hers is gone.  That's ok.  We will get it fixed.  We are still a couple of weeks away.  I will not panic.  And I emailed one of the awesome nurse practitioners, so I am not going to worry.  I guess it's a good thing that I never got to work.  I kind of got overwhelmed.  First by Emily saying how crappy she felt, how tired she was, and how she really didn't think that she could make it through school, and then looking at the phone calls that I needed to make that I couldn't really take care of from work.  What I couldn't get done today I can finish on Monday.

On a different note, my friend and fellow blogger who writes "Jenna's JIA & Uveitis" blog has a really cool fundraiser going on to help support arthritis research.  Click here to go to her page to check it out.  Jenna has had a long fight, but she is also a trooper, and her family is amazing!!!  Please help them out if you can!

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