Monday, October 24, 2011

Hospital Update

While I still don't have a lot of details, this is what I know so far.  They were planning on keeping her for several more days until I explained the situation. Now that they all know and understand why we are headed to Shands on Wednesday, they are shooting to release her tomorrow.  She will be sent home with an IV and antibiotics. They will train me how to work the IV!  That's all that I know so far.  I still need to find out exactly what type of bacteria this was. I know that they finally pinpointed that.  They changed her antibiotic to Oxacillin because this strain is weak to it.  That's about the extent of my knowledge right now.

Emily's hanging in, but she was really, really hoping to go home today.  She's a bit sad that we're still here. We took a quick trip to the gift shop, but she was tired shortly after we got there.  Our big activity- filled morning went south pretty quickly.  That's ok.  I'd rather she focus on rest, anyway.   We found out that we can do laundry here at the Ronald McDonald house, and use their computers!  (Thank you!)  We can also visit the hospital library, but the latest they are open is 6:30. RMDH is only available here until 4 unless you have a room downstairs with them.  I'm so happy they are here!  I'll have to buy them a new keyboard for this computer. The space bar only works when it wants to!

So with luck we'll be home tomorrow, pack a bag and head off to Shands.  UGH!!!  Who'd have thought???

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