Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to School! (Half O.T.)

I always feel that we are blessed, but sometimes I feel that we are *extra* blessed.  For one thing, our children are all in the "right" schools for them.  I'm not a fan of the Florida educational system, but as far as FL schools go we are blessed.  This year, Emily got a teacher that was formerly in the ESE area.  The ESE teachers deal with children with all types of disabilities from learning to physical to mental.  Not only is this exactly what she needs, but she had worked with Emily before and Em is very comfortable with her.  She's a little sad that her two best friends are in a different class, but she's not the type to get down about things.  She's making the best of it.  She grew up a lot over the summer. 

The school made sure that I filled out a new medicine form for her.  They try hard to take care of her.  They have a care plan in place, plus she has an Individual Education Plan, and a 504 Disability plan in place that they helped to create!  I love so much that they care.  I have heard that many arthritis kids are in schools that don't want to see a problem (it is invisible), or blame the parent, accuse the child of faking, etc.  I truly feel blessed that she is in a place that protects her and has compassion for her.  Who could ask for more?

My Zachary is also with a teacher that he knows.  Not only did she half Emily half of the week last year but her son is in our scout troop!  Zach knew her more from outside of scouts, as a mom to her son and baby daughter.  He's absolutely thrilled!  I had requested either her or the other teacher that Em had last year.  They are both marvelous!  They are very kind, and they care.  Depending, he may end up with both teachers like she did.  That would be just fine with me.  I was worried about him because he can be a bit weird- he's a sensitive guy!  He hated school last year.  So far, though, he's happy!  I'm so glad.  I was worried about that.  We kind of suspect that he's brilliant but doesn't want everyone to know.  He'll read things effortlessly that I would never have thought that he could read.  He is good in math.  He's TOTALLY OBSESSED with batteries.    I dunno.  I take it as a good sign.  He's always trying to figure out how things work.  It's good.

Ashley is happy to a point.  She was really excited this year because she was supposed to take Driver's Ed.  The FCAT messed that up.  This is the horrible thing about this test.  This child is so rebellious that she READS.  Like, in her spare time and the whole summer, she spent her time drawing, reading, and writing.  All summer that's all she did.  She's writing a book.  She's spent hours planning out characters, and writing.  She blew reading on the FCAT by just a few points.  The funny thing about that is they think that the people that graded the tests messed up, and many more kids failed than should have.  So, because of what is most likely their mistake, Ashley has to take Intensive Reading instead of Driver's Ed.   She was angry about this also because this blows her plan to take two years of French classes.  (Yup... she's a rebel.  LOL!)  She is choosing to rise above it and use bigger words in class than her teacher!  :)  I've read her writing.  It is very eloquent!  I feel for her, but there is no getting out of that class.

I look back on the last few months with Kevin losing his job (blessing, oddly enough), finally getting on the right dosage of medicine only to be told "Great!  We figured it out.  Now get off of your meds until they are all out of your system just for this one test, then you can go back on them."  So, he's been off of his thyroid meds for the past month and a half!  Do you have any idea how many things ones thyroid can affect?  Really?  I had read up on it years back, but I had forgotten how messed up it can make you.  He had his thyroid removed back in February 2009, so to be off of his meds has been devastating.  He's had headaches, can't sleep, whole body swelling, stiffness, mood swings, extreme fatigue.  He had a hard time brushing his teeth.  He can't stand for long periods, his back is acting up.  He keeps going numb!  He'll be standing, or even walking and his legs go numb.  His hands and arms, as well.  It affects his concentration, his thoughts.  He's been in a cloud, he says.  Through all of this he's continued job searching to no avail.  I say thank God!!!  If he had gotten himself a job in this condition he'd have lost it already.  Things have come together, for the better.  He's been back on his meds now since Friday.  Slowly but surely he's starting to feel better.  This isn't the way that he wanted to spend the summer, but it's the best time to go through it.  At least he didn't have to worry about leaving to go to work.  Now we just have to find out the results of the test.  It was a bone scan for cancer.  No one has bothered to call us back yet.  They also should have done this test after they first removed the thyroid since they found just a speck of cancer in it.  I'm sure there's nothing to worry about, but it's hard to not worry.  They should have called back Friday but they didn't.  Time to find a new doctor.

On that note it is bedtime.  I'm exhausted!  Today we ran errands, took Em to therapy, went to Cub Scouts...  Busy day!  Good night!   : )

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