Friday, July 30, 2010

I should add...

Today has been a hard day for Em. Her Raynaud's has been acting up a LOT today. It's controlled her today. She had to take a bath to warm up after lunch & she had several episodes while we were out. She had to take a second bath before bed to warm up. Also, her legs are "tired" as she says. She says she doesn't hurt but walking has been hard on her. She has pretty much kept to her wheelchair with me. It may just be that she didn't get enough good sleep with all of the excitement, or because her brother is like her other half and he's at home. I'm not sure.  I asked a doctor what he would do with her Raynaud's, showing pics. He said he would use calcium channel blockers. I'll have to re-address the issue with her rheumy. I asked about those last visit & was told to "wait & see". GRRR!!!  It may be because we need to see a Cardiologist.  I'll have to look into that.

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