Thursday, June 17, 2010

Scout camp day 4

Today was a pretty good day.  Our camp mornings are rough, but after the first move we're ok.  When I first get there it's rough trying to get my kids checked in, get their stuff situated, get our den cooler, get their buckets, get the buckets opened, answer everyone's questions, and try to give everyone personal attention because they all want to tell me all about their nights &/or mornings.  Our first move today we got yelled at for not getting them to where they were supposed to be on time.  I'm not generally one to stand up for myself around people that I don't know, but for something that I took a vacation to volunteer for we sure got yelled at a lot.  I told her hey, it's not like we're not trying.  We explained that they have made the first move less than easy.  I've never had to get 8 boys- especially several with issues- into a line like this.  My children are so well behaved that everyone wants to take them home.  That's what I'm used to.  I don't do that with an iron fist.  I would rather treat them like people, not yell and scream, give them options, explain things, and let them know that one wrong move does not a "bad" child make.  I don't believe that there are bad kids unless they are made that way.  I don't think they start bad.  I've never told my kids that they are bad.  I make it a point that if they've done a bad thing it can usually be corrected.  Anyway, that in mind it does take a bit to get the den kids ready to listen in the morning and lined up as they should be.  Once we've moved out though they're pretty good.  One of them thanked me yesterday for being their leader, and today gave me a swap-it.  He and another boy will hang back and walk with me since I hold up the rear of the line.  Tomorrow Helen won't be there, so I'll probably have to move to the front.  I'm hoping that little N will be ok without my frequent attention.  Little N had another great day today!  I'm even happier that he's happy & smiling there now after hearing some disturbing news about how his grandparents treat him & his brothers.  There are 5 boys total in their home with the littlest being twins.  Apparently their grandparents don't want them at all and aren't ashamed to let it be known to them.  I wish to God that I could do something about that, that I could keep him under my wing so to speak.  He was so happy today, & all that it's taken has been kindness, love, compassion, and caring.  Is that really so much to give???  I wouldn't think so.  I'll never understand how people can be so cruel to children.  Just listening to my little people cracks us up.  Listening to the den's boys has been wonderful, too.  These guys are so funny, they have so much to say.  They just want to be heard.  One of them is obsessed with heat shrink tubing.  How great is that?  Rules are important, but kids want to feel like people, too.   

The only other issue today was Raynaud's.  I'm so used to that happening that unless it's severe it doesn't really phase me much.  I got a frantic wave asking me to run to the first aid tent because my Emily was cold.  She hadn't turned purple, but her hands were turning white.  I warn everyone because I know that it sure freaked us out at first, so they knew sort of what to look for.  Usually Em doesn't say anything until she's purple, but today she told her leader that she was cold when her hands were white.  Her leader wrapped her in 2 towels and a blanket, scooped her up and carried her holding her close to her.  She did such a great job!  It didn't take long for Em to get warmed up and she was back to playing.  Pretty much normal course for us, but it's usually terrifying for those that aren't used to it.  And that's about the day.  Tomorrow is the final day, with an awards ceremony later in the evening.  It should be interesting!  The boys get to perform their skits.  Wish them luck!  :)

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