Saturday, June 19, 2010

Last day of Scout Camp 2010

Today was bittersweet.  We all had a hard time waking up, and getting going.  The heat has been so intense here this week, and the humidity has been high.  Usually this time of year I just don't want to go outside at all unless I'm at the beach because it's suffocatingly hot.  Even I was surprised that I agreed to do this because of that, but I can usually tough things out even if only out of stubborn stupidity!  I arrived to see one of my kids already being carted off to the office tent.  He & his best friend had gotten into a fight.  They broke my heart, both of them looking so sad and lonely.  One kept crying on & off in an "I lost my best friend" kind of way for about the first 2 hours.  He finally snapped out of it just before the rains came.  I knew that he was also just tired. I could tell by the way that he acted all morning.  It's a shame that our society is the way it is, that you can't just reach out & hug someone when you know they need it.  It's sad that we have to be so removed, so cold.  As a mom who has always loved kids it's just a natural instinct for me.  All of my kids have needed a hug at some point through the week.  Maybe it was good that the rain came when it did.  There was a bit of confusion for a while, but eventually we all moved to the larger shelter with our lunch & awaited further instruction.  By noon they had decided that everything for the rest of the day was canceled.  The kids were supposed to get fishing licenses, shooting range certificates (I think), awards, patches & belt loops tonight in a ceremony where they would perform their skits in front of everyone's families.  There were some cool activities that the kids had to miss out on today, too.  I was happy to be able to come home early to nap, but I was sad that the kids couldn't get every ounce of the experience.  They'll still get their advancements & such, but it would have been more fun outside with family instead of at the pack meeting.  I know I'll see them at meetings and such but I'm going to miss them.  I won't see Little N at meetings.  I can only pray that things will change for him and he will find people that really love him & want to take care of him.  I didn't have a chance to say goodbye to him.  Everything went crazy for a while there.  Maybe I'll have the same kids next year :)

The original plan was for Kevin to take Emily to her repeat lab draw today & then shoot to his doctor appointment, but since we got out so early I took her.  I knew that I was in for a rough time because the last episode was still fresh in her mind and on both arms and wrists.  I tried to pump as much water into her as I could, but she just really didn't want to go.  For once, I just didn't have any patience.  I usually can be so calm & relaxed for her when we go, but today when she went under the table to hide & wouldn't come out I just didn't have the tolerance for a fight.  Fortunately she knew that, and she's so good anyway that she doesn't like to be a brat.  She came out quickly.  It still was a little rough, but they got the full vial this time!  And it didn't hurt her!  She still looked like a wreck when we left but she calmed down pretty quickly.   In the next day or 2 we'll have to try to hit up the beach.  Before the oil reaches our beaches and we can't go :(  They do say that we may never get any, but I'll not take the chance & miss out!  Have a great night, ya'll! 


  1. Hi Dee, My bigger scouts are leading the Cubs next week for Day Camp. Then they are off to LaNoChe. Hope the beach stays clear. My brother is up on the panhandle with a campground on the sand. This tourist season has been hard on him.
    Tell Emily I wanted to hide under the table too last week for the MRI! :D

  2. It's so sad what the oil is doing :( I had a dream the other night that tar balls were washing ashore in Tarpon Springs. We were all packed and ready to go, but found them once we got there. I was so sad. I have a few friends with boys that are going to LaNoChe! In some ways I can't wait until my little man is old enough for that, but I'd like to keep him little for as long as I can ;)
    I will tell Emily that :) I'm sure that will make her laugh. Oh, the imagery!