Saturday, June 26, 2010

She's home!

We picked Emily up from camp at noon.  We opted to let her take the bus that the Arthritis Foundation offered for the ride home.  The bus went from the camp to All Children's Hospital.  I'm such an emotional wreck at times!!!  I hate that I cry for everything.  I was sobbing like a fool when she got off of that bus.  There was someone that I wanted to talk to & someone else that I wanted to me, & I could barely talk.  Dern, I missed that girl.  I love all of my children equally, but differently & when you have one that needs you more than the others...  I'm just glad that she's home.  Now we get to prepare for our trip to the Juvenile Arthritis Conference! 

Just in case there's any doubt... the Arthritis Foundation seriously rocks.  They are awesome and amazing.  I'm already trying to think of ways to do much more fundraising this year.  Last year we did so well due to Kevin's office.  This year was pretty bad.  Aside from myself we only had 3 other donors.   Not only is the AF sending us to the JA conference, but they also help to support the camp.  I could never send my little girl to a regular camp.  There is no doctor on staff, no one qualified to give injections.  These kids feel different.  Em hates to feel different.  She has no one around that is going through anything similar, no one that understands completely, & feels like she does.  That is another reason that her camp is amazing.  I believe there are ten beds in a cabin... each filled with children like her.  These kids can be kids without worrying about what other kids think of them, they can discuss how they deal with things and learn from each other.  Of course, the heated pool, archery, horseback riding, boating, rock wall climbing, arts & crafts and other stuff help, too. 

Here's a thought.  The more time that you spend around places like the children's hospital's & such the more you see things.  I always wondered how much money they spent on the little toys and dolls that they had at the hospital & clinics.  Last year at camp we were told that each child gets a quilt & a stuffed bear that are made by volunteers.  Come to find out, the same volunteers do the same things for the hospitals.  For the boys it's The Toymakers. They make those cute little wooden cars & such.  They're a group of retired men that got bored & wanted to help out in their communities.  God bless those men & women!  If you've never had a child that has suffered through any trauma to receive a gift like this...  It really touches your heart.  It helps them get through the trauma easier, & it can make you feel so blessed. The secret to happiness is in the little things!!!

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