Monday, June 14, 2010

Roller coaster riding

So, this morning I noticed something.  At first I think my heart stopped, but then I realized it for what it was.  I can actually see Emily's knuckles!!!  At first glance I thought they were new rheumatoid nodules.  That would certainly have meant changing meds, which I really don't want to do if we don't have to.  So, with dread in my heart, I took a closer look and realized that her hands also aren't as swollen, and they clearly are knuckles poking through.  I see 2 on each hand so far.   To someone that hasn't gone through all that we have, that hasn't seen her hands consistently looking like sausages blown up a bit in the microwave, you may think I've totally lost it.  Let me tell ya'... that just about had me in tears.  It's the little things :) 

Fortunately for me, for the first time Kevin took her today to have her labs drawn.  I was planning on doing it as normal until I found out that I wouldn't be easily able to miss out on Scout Camp today but he had an out, so like it or not I couldn't go.  I'm not sure whether it's because I wasn't there (& it's hard enough with me there), because maybe she didn't drink enough water or because of things beyond our control but apparently labs were just not easy today.  They blew out a vein, had the little blood that they got from one location try to go back into her from the tube in a different location, and they still didn't get enough.  They could only collect 1 & 1/4 tubes, so she may have to go back Friday.  Woot. 

Otherwise, camp was crazy, a tad disorganized, and crazy, but fun!  There were a few less than helpful, snippety adults that really pissed me off, but my kids are good, and we all had fun.  It's a long, hot, tiring day so I know we'll sleep well tonight.  If we didn't have a heat index near 110F I'll be shocked.  The humidity was decently high on top of the temp being around 100.  The car thermometer said it was 101F.  And we were there from 8:30 AM to around 5 PM.   That's a long time to be outside for my whiteness.  I'll be stunned if I'm still white by Friday.  Friday is supposed to be a really long day.  I heard that unless it rains we could be there as late as 7PM.  Well, I think I have to crash.  I'll keep ya'll posted on the how the week goes.  And next week it's Arthritis Camp.   Whew!

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