Friday, May 21, 2010

Great couple of days

The last 2 days have been awesome, for the most part.  The only down side is that Zachary is sick.  He has a stomach flu or something, which means that we will probably all end up with it.  Yay.  Otherwise, yesterday especially was lovely.  I walked into work to find a card, a dozen donuts, Dove chocolate caramels, Lindt truffles, and Gummie Savers.  (Can't tell I'm an addict, can ya?)  Yes, I shared.  The Lindt I think I only had 3 of.  They were so amazing that I had to share with everyone!!!  All that I wanted was chocolate so that was amazing to walk in to find.  Because of Facebook I think everyone that I knew for once knew it was my bday.  Usually I don't tell anyone... I let it quietly pass by.  I really felt so loved.  We also had Brownie's last night.  We had a nice time with the kids for once doing their own thing while we adults talked.  Michelle & I both have our share of stress at the moment, so it was nice to just hang out.  We were talking til late!!!
I'm not sure why I was in such a good mood today other than Ashley's awards at school!  She won for excellence in art & excellence in music.  Originally Kevin was going to drop the kids off at school & hit up Ash's awards while I went to work.  We were scrambling to get everything figured out once we found out that Zach was sick, so I took Em and then went to Ash's so Kevin could hang home with the boy.  It was a wonderful way to spend the morning.  My parents were there, and I got to see a few other people that I know.  Even work was an unusually good day.  I hope that tomorrow keeps the trend.  Tomorrow we were supposed to head to Orlando to meet up with the other JRA families, which I was really looking forward to.  Unfortunately, since we have no clue how long Kevin will be out of work, I just can't justify using that much gas.  Last time cost us $50.  I would totally do it... if I could afford to.  I soooooo wanted to go, but hopefully next time. 
Another freakin headache for me tonight.  It snuck up on me and seems to be trying to attain migraine status.  Think I'll go lay back down.  Have a good night :)

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